AudioJungle - How to load the track correctly?

Hello everyone, today I want to quote an excerpt from one of our meetings with the author, who earns audio at $ 2000 a month. Below is a bit of information on how to properly load the track.In the menu for downloading the track, there are not many, in principle, fields that need to be filled - I'll stop on the main.

First, you need to specify some name, the name of the track. Secondly, the description of the track. Here is a description - this is already quite important. Ideally, the description should consist of three parts. Some authors are lazy to make a description, make in one sentence. In fact, the more description, the better. From the description, also, the search engine outputs the track to the search. Therefore, the description must be approached carefully.


It is desirable to divide it into three blocks. In the first block, youmust describe in what style the work and what his mood is. For example: "This is a work in corporate style, with a positive mood, with happy harmony." And so on. That is, it is necessary to describe in detail, if it is a mixed style, then in what mixed style is this work. Next, you must write down what instruments the work is performed on. What did you use: drums, piano, guitar.

Try to add an adjective to each instrument, i.e. if it's drums, then what are they? Electronic, powerful, in the minimal style, for example. If it's a piano, it's jerky or, conversely, lingering, sentimental or joyful. If the guitar is airy or overdrive, for example. Or some special effect on it is wound up. The third block of description is, directly, for what your track is suitable. That is, for example: "This track is perfect for the game"; "For wedding slideshows"; "For active video"; "For slow-motion".


After you have made these descriptions, you are proceeding to download the files. By the way, such a counter: you can first put on the download, but while loading - fill in the descriptions. In order to prepare the file for download, you need to save it in two versions, it's wav and mp3. Make another mr3-preview with watermark. Well, there's nothing too complicated.

Then you select the section. Here - mp3, wav, loop-audio. If you have a loop, you put "Yes", if you have a full-fledged track that can not be looped, then you put "No" if you do not know, "Do not know", respectively. Here fill in the field "Vocals". If there is no vocals, then simply tick "No vocals", if with vocals, then choose from the list. Here "Leading Vocal", "Background Vocals", "Female or Male Voice". You can choose several.

Next, specify the length of the work, if you have made several timings, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc., then you indicate it. The pace of the work. Next, whether your track is registered with the copyright administrator. If registered, then indicate the name, if not, then put "No".

After that, fill in the tags. To fill in the tags, you must enter 30 words (the maximum number). It is better to enter all 30 - the more tags, the more chances to jump out in the search. You must select the tags that best suit your work. Some authors copy some of their tags and do not want to spend time on it. If you make up your own tags for your track, it will be more relevant in your search.

For more information you can also check

I want to give an example of incorrect filling of tags. So I introduced the tag "energy", it is understood that this is such a powerful music, with broken rhythms, but we see that the tag is irrelevant to the query. If we turn it on, we'll hear that there is such abstract music, a tender piano, in the background, something so beautiful, abstract, sentimental. If I tried to find this track, I could not find it. I tried to search, I drove into search the "abstract piano", "a beautiful piano with glitches" ... And it's useless, as if this track is simply not there!

Accordingly, sales are few, because no one can find it, even if someone would like something like that to download. Therefore it is very important to enter tags correctly. How else can I enter tags faster? You can create a small tag database! When I poured the first tracks, I used all the tags I came up with, throwing myself a separate Ward file. Then I had such a database of tags. Now, for example, I rendered the track, uploaded it, and I listen to it and slowly scroll, I see which tag is more suitable for this track. If I feel that the tag is right, I copy it and paste it.

The tags are in alphabetical order. This method helps create a tag database. And what's important, the tag database is unique, it's unique! People are different and they differently imagine how the track should sound or look. Accordingly, they differently drive into the search for keywords. If you copy the tags from the top-seller, then you will fall into a zone of high competition. If your track pops up, it will be next to the tracks of the top-sellers, accordingly, it will be more difficult for you to sell it. And if you come up with your own tag or a unique combination of tags, then your track can pop up separately.

Approval for the placement of tracks will be received from 2 to 14 days. Either we get a refusal.



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